Village Mill of Gerpinnes

Rue du Moulin, nr. 3
6280, Gerpinnes
+32 (0) 71 50.30.91 French Add to Cart 
Commercial Descriptions

This renovated beautiful water mill today produces whole wheat flour to an ancestral method, as well as clean electricity, in perfect compliance with the concerns of sustainable development. One of the difficulties for the renovation was to install the renovated wheel (only the two rims are original). Its 2.8 ton weight, 2.50 m width and 2.35 m diameter required the use of a telescopic crane. The originality of the project is the combination of water and electricity. The hydraulic power is used for the production of clean and sustainable energy. The compagnons d'Eole and the company Alter-Native have contributed to the project.

Opening hours: saturday and sunday, from 10 to 12, and from 13.30 to 18.

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