Strepy-Thieu funicular lift

Rue Raymond Cordier, nr. 50
7070, Thieu
+32 (0) 64 67.12.00,0,0 French Prix standard adulte € Add to Cart 
Commercial Descriptions
A visit full of discoveries A huge engine room, a wonderful panoramic view of the site as a whole and surrounding area, a new film about the building and operation of the lift, enlivened by animated scale models and interactive games, and an exhibition of fossils found during the excavations. Furthermore the interactive exhibition "The Spirit of Belgium" lets you experience the greatest moments of Belgian creativity in such diverse fields as art, music, painting, sport and comic strip... in the company of famous Belgians. But visiting the boat lift also means having the chance to use the lift by boat. Lift and interactive exhibition are accessible to persons with disabilities (except boat).
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