The park of Mariemont

Chaussée de Mariemont, nr. 100
7140, Morlanwelz-Mariemont
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Commercial Descriptions
Arranged in the 19th century like park of approval and collection, the park of Mariemont integrates unquestionable a number of secular trees which go back to the old royal field: the chestnuts would have been planted at the time of Charles of Lorraine; green oaks stalks and beeches are older still.

But the attractions of the park of Mariemont are not exclusively of order botanical. Raoul Warocqué held to decorate it with statues and low-reliefs, which he ordered, for example, to the sculptor Jef Lambeaux, for which it nourished a particular admiration. There is also a version of the famous Bourgeois de Calais d'Auguste Rodin, a work of Victor Rousseau, the Semeur of Constantin Meunier, and of course the monumental bronzes bought in Japan. The return of the great Buddha, inspired by that of Nara, is awaited by a great number of visitors.

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