Mediaeval city of Thuin and the hanging gardens

Place Albert Ier
6530, Thuin
+32 (0) 71 59.54.54 English, French, Dutch Add to Cart 
Commercial Descriptions

Nestling on a hill between the Sambre and Biesmelle (small river), Thuin majestically overlooks the valley. This picturesque city is composed of an upper part, with its rocky outcrop, an emblem of pride for the inhabitants, and a lower part with irrefutable economic interest owing to its navigable waterway. Looking south onto the Biesmelle, its hanging gardens benefit from an exceptional microclimate and are comprised of successive terraces. At the same time, the non-profit association “Les Jardins Suspendus” perpetuates the renown of the site which is classified as exceptional heritage of Wallonia.

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