Le Château des Comtes

Avenue Reine Astrid
7700, Mouscron
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Commercial Descriptions

This castle is the only remaining example of monumental civil architecture in Mouscron predating the 19th century. It was successively occupied by four noble families in the course of 6 centuries. Nowadays, all that remains of this large estate is the manor house in Tournai style, a courtyard surrounded by vestiges of outbuildings from the 16th and 17th centuries and a moat. You can go round the estate on a didactic walk along the moat.

Two important historical events have marked the city’s tradition and folklore: the visit by emperor Charles V, who stayed at the castle, and the outrages of the famous "Hurlus", followers of Luther during the wars of religion who pillaged the region, occupied the castle for three months and stole its furniture.

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