La 5ème Saison

Rue de la Coupe, nr. 25
7000, Mons
+32 (0) 65 72.82.62 Dutch, English, French Add to Cart 
Commercial Descriptions

Even from the outside, you know that the food here is going to stand out. La 5ème Saison serves dishes made using fresh, seasonal, Belgian ingredients. Most of the vegetables come from the restaurant’s very own 1.5-acre kitchen garden, where rare and unusual varieties are chosen, not for their appearance, but for their flavours and textures. Freshness and maturity are the keywords here. As an added bonus, the drinks menu includes the best beers, jenevers and wines our country has to offer, as well as the finest vintages from neighbouring regions. From spring onwards, there’s a private terrace where you can soak up some sun.

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