Keramis: The French Community’s ceramics Centre

Plce des Fours Bouteilles, nr. 1
7100, La Louvière
+32 (0) 64 21.21.93 French, Dutch Add to Cart 
Commercial Descriptions
The Keramis Centre is a museum that acquires, preserves and showcases the tangible and intangible records of any activity relating to ceramics, with a particular focus on the work done on the site of the Boch pottery works. It looks after and adds to the ceramics collections of Wallonia, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Province of Hainaut, for which it is the custodian. The Keramis Centre is a venue for art and creativity, specialising in ceramics. It oversees the preservation and transmission of ceramic know-how, and supports artists who use this medium today by exhibiting and purchasing their work. The centre promotes the three former glass furnaces at the Boch pottery works, a fantastic example of industrial archaeology, showcasing their value in terms of both culture and tourism.
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