Ianchelevici Museum - Mill

Place communale, nr. 21
7100, La Louvière
+32 (0) 64 28.25.30 www.musee.ianchelevici.be French Add to Cart 
Commercial Descriptions
Housed in the former La Louvière Palais de Justice, the museum is dedicated to the Romanian-born sculptor, Idel Ianchelevici (1909-1994). The permanent collection includes around fifty original pieces in marble, bronze, stone and plaster, as well as a large number of drawings. This collection introduces visitors to some sensitive work focusing on the human figure. The museum also puts on temporary exhibitions with a diverse programme of contemporary art, as well as organising educational services for all ages. Because art and culture are accessible to everyone, the museum offers tours to visitors with specific needs, including the hard of hearing, visually impaired and people with learning difficulties using multisensory displays, sign-language and appropriate educational activities.
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