Ecomuseum of inlandwater navigation

Rue T'Serstevens - Quai de Sambre
6530, Thuin
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The love affair betwen Thuin and inland waterways transport dates back to time immemorial. At the beginning of the 20th century, Thuin had more than 1,100 boatmen out of a population of 5000 inhabitants. With such an important page of history, we offer you the chance to plunge into the fascinating world of inland waterways transport. On board our barge-museum, you can discover the life of a boatman in Thuin, the different stages of building a boat, the systems of communication, war stories, etc. These different themes are explained and presented through many original documents such as old postcards, construction plans from that era, models, special objects relating to the life of a boatman, etc. The visit continues through the boatmen’s neighbourhood, a typical free commune in the Rivage area.

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From 1/06 to 31/08 : weekends and public holidays from 14:00 to 18:00